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At Lana Exteriors, we know the only thing between a harsh winter wind and our clients is the strength and quality of our work. That’s why we have a relationship with the best window and door manufacturer in town. Edmonton’s McLeod Windows & Doors is a locally owned and operated company that shares our high standards for professionalism, care and craftsmanship. We work with them because their products are versatile, top quality and come with a lifetime warranty. We are specialists, not generalists. We are as versatile in our skills as your home requires. For your windows we can work with a variety of styles: from awnings, bows, bays and sliders, to casements and custom sizes. We offer double and triple pane glass with insulating factors and solar blocks to protect your furniture, curtains and carpets. For your doors we’ll help you choose the best product to meet your needs and taste, whether it be a fiberglass or steel door. Also standard on our doors, is adjustable striker plate to accommodate the tightness of your door closer. (

Lana Exteriors wants you to know that besides installing doors, windows, siding and roofing at great prices. We also install comfort, security and convenience at no extra cost.